Tuesday, July 31, 2012

nice cream cone

I am always on the pursuit for sweet and simple things that make something ordinary something special.Ice Cream is just the quintessential summer treat and here are some props, if you will to make it an even more delicious cup or cone!

1. Ice Cream-Cone Jackets
2. Ice Cream Cone Candy
3. Ice-Cream Tank
4.Wooden Ice-Cream Spoons
5.Ice-Cream Cups
6.Ice Cream Denim Shorts
Are you ever tempted to serve it for dinner on a hot summer night? xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, July 26, 2012

London Calling

With the Olympics being held in England, (so Smashing!) I thought it fun to throw a
  Royal Viewing Party to watch a family favorite event.  The Brilliant paper goods comes from Creative Little Stars and includes everything you would need decorate and be in the
 British Spirit of the Games!

What is your families favorate event to watch?
xoxo Queen Laura

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fairy Flower-Sicles

I want to ring up some fairies I know, just now and invite them to a garden just so I can serve these Flower-Sicles! Have you ever seen a cuter Popsicle to cool off with? I think not!

Treats like this are what children remember. Forever. Because it is special and beautiful and quite magical really. Find the delicious recipe on Family Fresh Cooking
Would your fairy or sprite love these?
xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, July 19, 2012

On the Fringe

These Fringe Balloons just make me what to drop everything and have a party!!! Truly they are so cute you really don't need to much else to celebrate with. Add a cupcake and
you have one fancy yet simple soiree!

 The step by step tutorial can be find at Glitter Guide. What kind off fabulous fete will you have?
xoxox Queen Laura

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Royal Tee

I remember several books that my mum read to me when I was little but one that stands out the most was Harold and the Purple Crayon. Really, I attribute this book to my fascination with the imagination. I was mesmerized that Harold could have anything he wanted with just a flick of his purple crayon.It left an indelible mark on me because his
adventures are the epitome of the imagination.

I found this shirt in the classic book print at Out of Print and just thought it was the cutest thing. Purchase of the book or the t-shirt sends another book to a community in need and supports
 children's literacy initiatives in the U.S.

Pair it with a box of crayon rings and wouldn't it make just the perfect birthday gift?

What would you create with your purple crayon? xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, July 12, 2012

X-Mas in July

I spotted this as a Christmas project but these Glitter Globes from Camille Styles are just too fun and sparkly, who wants to wait until December? Besides, they would be perfect for a summer birthday party craft activity. 

If the figurines were already glued in, the guests would just add as much glitter as they wish. Well then, it would a very Merry time indeed! Their own little sparkly world! The step by step tutorial found here
xoxo Queen Laura 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anyone Home?

When parents at my workshops see many of the fun props I use, I am often asked...
"Where do you find all of these things???" Sometimes I feel, the really imaginative,creative, just can't live without,so cute you can't stand it pretend toys find me. Like this  House Throw Play Den Set for example by Donna Wilson. The ultimate spot to pretend.

Now, by all means throw any blanket over some chairs and they have a perfectly good, cozy place to daydream, read fairy-tales, make big plans OR get this one and invite the Queen over please!
xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I often see children pick up sticks,pencils and various other long, skinny objects and begin wielding it as a magic wand. I always love this as it tells me that often, children don't need much more than their imaginations. Poof! They are casting spells,turning things into other things,asserting their royal authority in a magical way.This DIY Magic Wand by Hank and Hut featured on Hello Bee is so perfect for both girls and boys.

Nothing fancy, simple enough but get ready for some real incantations because this is one neat wand! Get the step by step tutorial here.
xoxo Queen Laura

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Wish

When the day before a particular holiday gets noted as "4th of July Eve" you know its a BIG one! I have never heard more details of plans from my little students before. They know where they are going, what they are doing, and even what they are wearing for this Independence Day! You can bet this is one magical holiday! Fireworks are just PURE JOY!
Wishing you a Magical Fourth of July!

Liberty Dress by Deluna- Reminds me of Fireworks but perfect to wear all year long!
Wish and Magic Wand necklaces by 100% Gumdrop Can you think of a more perfect piece of jewelry for a girl who makes-believes?
Have a sparkly holiday! xoxo Queen Laura