Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tea for Two (or more)

To follow up on the Blu Pony Vintage "What To Wear for Tea" post seen here, I have selected some of my favorite Tea Sets to have a GRAND time pretending this honored tradition.
 Wooden Tea Set
This is a perfect first tea set. Wooden and sturdy and just right for a spot of tea in the forest with some friendly (teddy) bears, perhaps?
Polka Dot Tin Tea Set
A vintage feel and also unbreakable tin, lovely for the girl on the go with a travel suit case. You never know when or where a spot of tea would just hit the spot!
Flower Fairy Tea Set
For the older and more experienced tea party hostess this special porcelain set with Flower Fairy print is just so special. Setting for 4 so no friends or dolls have to be left out!
Just like in the fanciest of tea houses, I love this silver tea set that just needs some cups and a little imagination!
Don't forget the Trunk And Sample Sale with Dramagination! Find the info here.
xoxo Queen Laura

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

excuse me sir

I bought some furry mustache stickers out at a family brunch recently and Boy Oh Boy did the fun ensue, especially with the girls!
 Black and white, bow ties, tuxedos chic -all a big trend as of late.
 I wanted to find more Mr. Fancy Pants inspiration as I find it a fresh twist for the girly girl.

4.Wax Mustache
5.Tuxedo Swim Suit
6.Mustache Straw
 Oh, the party possibilities! Really, its just black and white, don't you think? It all spells out FUN!
xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dress for Tea

When my sister and I were little, we were invited to tea with both of our Grandmothers at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. What a GRAND occasion it was! I remember deciding what to wear was half the fun! There is a very special children's clothing line that I simply adore called  
Blu Pony Vintage. Their dresses are just perfect for a tea party. Out at a fancy venue or even impromptu tea at home with a few dolls and some china cups.
Their dresses MAKE anything an EVENT!

Blu Pony Vintage is doing a Trunk Show and Sample Sale so it is a perfect opportunity to get some of these stunning vintage inspired pieces for boys and girls for amazing prices. I am making headbands and bow ties on both days so bring your children. I promise you, these are pieces you will keep forever! I do hope you can make it!
xoxo Queen Laura

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


There is rarely a time that I go to the market and there is not a child dressed-up in a princes gown or at least a cape and crown. Hooray to you mum who says" YES, let's go!" to this ensemble out the door. Dress-up shouldn't only be for inside play, I say! Think of how their imaginations will grow once they get to leave the confines of just 4 walls dressed in royal attire. One of my all time favorite brands who makes the most perfect costumes/play-wear is Wovenplay

Their creations are begging to be worn out and about- to be seen.Wovenplay is a company that I wait with baited breathe for their next creation. One of my students flew in with one of their butterfly suits to a party I was doing and I recognized it immediately. Their dress-up is special! She said her Auntie gave it to her and this is definitely an auntie or grandma-ma type gift.
Make sure to say hello to your Queen the next time you see me out! xoxo Queen Laura
Find these pieces here.

Friday, May 18, 2012

chalk crown

Have you all seen this on Pinterest? Has anyone done it for a party? I love it! I imagine all sorts of different crowns drawn on the cement with sidewalk chalk ahead of time or even by the party guests themselves as a fun activity. Then each child lays down under the crown of their choice and 
snap! snap! the cutest photos ever!

Let me know if you try it, won't you? xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

pinwheel party

My dear friend went to a wedding over the weekend and reported back to me " You would have LOVED it! There was a Pink Pinwheel Garden!" Um, excuse me? Yes, I would have LOVED it that is correct! Actually I have never heard of anything more beautiful! So upon some Royal Research I have discovered it is an art installation by Ken Smith at the Cornerstone Winery. These pictures are from an Inspirational Photo Shoot done so well by the Wedding Chicks.

Well, it got me to thinking what a cute idea this would be for a little girls party. Just plant a pinwheel garden in your yard and no water required!

Your guests could PICK one from the garden at the end as a favor. These are from
Paper Polaroid.

I think these printables are so cute too from Love The Day
Some Natural Swirl Lollis for a sweet treat
 And some pink striped straws complete the look!

Just wish for a bit of a blustery day! xoxo Queen Laura

Monday, May 14, 2012

bella ballerina

When I saw these shoes for the first time in the store, I had a WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT moment! They have a disk on the bottom of them that allows you to twirl. Yes, twirl. My students never stop twirling. They come in twirling and they leave twirling and lots of twirling in between. You get my point. And now a shoe that is MADE for it? ...Brilliant, Sketchers, I applaud you.

Now, I have seen the Bella Ballerina:Auditions in action and they would make a Prima Ballerina proud. I would imagine that this little shoe will have many ballerinas in the making.
Find the twirly shoe here.
xoxox Queen Laura

Friday, May 11, 2012

Open House for Butterflies

When I heard author Maurice Sendak had passed away, I flew to my bookshelf to retrieve some of my favorite works of his. Now, everyone knows his book "Where the Wild Things Are"  but what I LOVE the most by him, are not the books he wrote but the ones he drew the pictures for. 
 Open House for Butterflies  by Ruth Krauss is just about the sweetest book ever written with all sorts of "good things to know" but the drawings are what makes it an experience to read. The little children are drawn as clever,cheeky little imps and it would just be impossible to turn each page and not smile. 

I'll Be You and You Be Me by Ruth Krauss is as equally as quaint and has petite stories of love, friendship and the joys of the imagination. These books are nostalgic and are the epitome of 
a sweet childhood. 
Both of these books are both are permanent display in my baby's room and I often take them down just to be inspired. You will love them, your children will love them, I can promise you that!
xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Like Daughter, Like Mother

I am quite envious of how children just add Glitter, Sequins and Gold to any outfit with reckless abandon and it looks so cute! Now, I do believe we can use our little ones as Muses, if you will and add a bit of Sparkle to our own wardrobes as well. Here are some ideas of how to do so without necessary looking like we are going to a BALL ourselves.

Jumbo Sequin Bobbi and Sequin Ball Pin

  Nella Ballet Flat    and  Whirl Flats                               
                                        Glittered Minaudiere  and  Sparkle Stripe Day Purse                            

 And if you don't want to go out a buy something for yourself, I am sure she wouldn't mind sharing!
xoxo Queen Laura

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Glittery Gold Day

Children can teach us adults so much! In the book Lottie's Princess Dress by Doris Dorrie  a little girl encourages her mum to treat even an ordinary day like a "Glittery Gold Day" by both wearing gowns to school AND to work. A perfect Mother's Day Read!

Now perhaps your best evening dress is at the cleaners? You could always match with your little princess with these Crown Hair Pins.I am sure you would get all sorts of bows through out the day!
Have a Glittery Gold Day! xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Day!May Day!

 Using the idea of a  May Pole as inspiration, I just adore this Ribbon Back Drop from

While quite elaborate, a ribbon back drop can be made quite simply and would be darling at a children's party as a photo backdrop for the birthday girl and her mates or to offset a special cake!  I like this DIY from Wedding Chicks- All Things Pretty. Truly,you can never go wrong with lots and lots of ribbon!
xoxo Queen Laura

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Queen of May

The May Queen also known as the Goddess of Spring, was the girl who was selected to begin the May Day Festivities of dancing around the May Pole. She wore a white dress,was crowned with flowers and personifies strength,the earth and the celebration of spring. Here is my pick for the  modern day Queen of May!

Find the dress here and the headband here.

Happy First of May! xoxo Queen Laura