Friday, March 30, 2012

Travel Plans

If you are traveling for Spring Break, you know there will be times when children need an activity that will keep them happy and occupied. It needs to be portable and fun. This Travel Art Kit by Kico Kids is both of those things not to
mention chic and sophisticated!

It comes with a colored paper pad, 6 colored pencils and a sharpener all wrapped up in lovely canvas envelope case ready to take on the plane, by the pool, in the lodge, wherever! The Travel Art Kits come in wonderful colors perfect for boys and girls. Your little traveler could create a small piece of art as a memento of their travels or perhaps use it as a journal noting new discoveries while on holiday. Why, you may even want one yourself!

Find these travel art kits here.
Happy Trails! xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Tisket A Basket

I have been on the quest for some Easter Basket gifts that would inspire some creative thought whilst your child munched on the millionth jelly bean. (Except for the socks. Those are just plain cute.) Here are some ideas that stood out to me for the Easter Bunny to leave that will busy your little bunnies pre or post egg hunt!


Monday, March 26, 2012

The Country Bunny

I remember my mum reading this book to my sister and me when we were little girls and it has made a reappearance for this Easter in a BIG way. The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by Du Bose Heyward is a story of a bunny who had big dreams early on of becoming the  Easter Bunny. Despite her naysayers she continued to believe and prepared her family for the opportunity she trusted was hers. Truly this bunny was way ahead of her time and the illustrations by Marjorie Hack
are simply stunning.

I created a Country Bunny look based on inspiration from the book for your own
 empowered little bunny!

1.Emma Bubble Dress 
2. Easter Sugar Egg
3.Golden Button Leather Slippers
4.Angora Scarf
Buy the Country Bunny here.
Hope you have a magical holiday! xoxo Queen Laura

Friday, March 23, 2012

(class) room with a view

Easter is certainly right up there with Halloween with the amount of candy a holiday can generate. Now, I will tell you, I wait all year for bunny corn ( so much better than candy corn really) and I have been known to devour a chocolate bunny or two. But if you need a favor for a school party, here are some ideas that are sweet but without the sugar!

Bunny Book Plates

Chocolate Bunny Erasers

Vintage Rabbit Pin Backs
Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Stickers

Crayon Rocks 
(don't they look like Jelly Beans?)
Now, you could tuck the favors in here.

Teeny Tiny Chevron Bags
( I like the yellow for spring )
Or hide them in here.

Golden Eggs
(from a Golden Goose perhaps?)
I think any of these would be a royal hit with the teachers and students alike, don't you?
 Happy Easter! xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All that Glitters

When it comes to giving presents, I myself am more of a gift bag type of girl but when I saw this idea on Besotted I was changed forever.

Glitter Ribbon just MAKES a package, wouldn't you say? And what little girl wouldn't love getting or giving a present like this? To me it screams "there is something magical in here!"

Every present I now wrap is a glittery masterpiece! I bought Red,Silver and Gold Super Glitter Ribbon and have already run through it so next I would like to try the Fushia and the beautiful Sapphire Blue.   Your child may like to further decorate the perfectly plain paper with a personalized message to the birthday child. Maybe even in GLITTER!
(I know, once I get started its hard to stop!)
Find the paper here and the ribbon here.

XOXO Queen Laura

Monday, March 19, 2012

Apple of My Eye

I will go on record that I LOVE my fairy-tales in a book. Preferably a big, thick, volume with no pictures. But with that being said, I will share my excitement for the movie Mirror Mirror coming out March 30th! When my Dramagination students put me to the question of who my favorite princess is and by Princess they mean "Disney Princess" (make no mistake I am asked quite a bit) I always reply Snow White because she loves nature and animals. Here is some inspiration in anticipation of the remake of my favorite princess!

1.Red Candy Apple
2.Favourite Place Pillow
3. Fairy Tale Forest Blanket
4.Silhouette Fairy Tale Bobby Pins
5.Printed Softie- Snow White
6. Teeny Tiny Apple Necklace
7.Pretty Snow White Dress

Are you taking your children to see the movie? You don't think Julia  will let us down do you?
XOXO Queen Laura
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Fever!

I simply can not wipe the SMILE off my face when I see these Sun Suits by Dagmar Daley! OK, I will try... nope still smiling! I can not help it! They are just impossibly cute, are they not?  They remind me of an old-fashion child hood, reminiscent of times past. Can't you just imagine your little girl splashing through sprinklers on an impossibly sunshiny day, licking a melting Popsicle and or skipping through clover patch all while wearing any one of these? OVER and OVER again?

Liberty Sun-suit and Pink Sun Jar

Dotted Sun-Suit and Jacks

 I paired them with some toys that I loved as a child and POOF! 
You now you have a magical spring!

xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I have a favorite dress

I think we all had a favorite dress from our childhood. Mine had gold buttons that I imagined were sewn in by fairies. I wish I still had that dress- I believed it was magic! In the book
 "I Had a Favorite Dress" by Boni Ashburn, a clever and industrious mum solves the royal problem of what do do when your child's favorite dress gets too small.

It is a sweet story and has a very GREEN message actually. I also like at the end the girl uses her own creativity and has something to keep for posterity! The author also wrote one of my favorite books I do a lot at Royal Readings called "Hush Little Dragon".

This is My favorite dress out there for spring right now.
Ava Dress
Or is it this one?
Endek Ikat Flutter Dress
No, definitely this one!
Soft Gallery Summer Dress

So hard to choose! What is your child's favorite dress?
Find the Book " I Had A Favorite Dress" here.
xoxo Queen Laura

Monday, March 12, 2012

Gold Rush

What do Raccoons and Children have in common? They both LOVE things that glitter, glimmer or otherwise sparkle! I myself am no exception and have been known to stop dead in my tracks to catch a glimpse of something shimmery! St. Patrick's Day has once again inspired me to track down some lovely and creative ways to have a golden shine!


( Have you ever seen a more magical pair of boots? EVER??? I think a child could
ACTUALLY fly in those!)
Have a Glittery Day!
XOXO Queen Laura

Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Luck!

I am a believer that jewelry should mean something to the person wearing it. Whether its because it reminds them of the someone who gave it, maybe it makes them happy or perhaps it has a special meaning behind the piece. Everyone knows that clovers are good luck but there are many other symbols that have some important meaning as well.

 All of these sweet pieces are from atsuyo et akiko

Clover Lucky Charm-  good luck where ever you go and if you dream of one you
 will live happily for the rest of your days.
Key Fur Necklace-symbol for knowledge and life
Silver star necklace -good fortune
Green Flu String Feather Necklace- safe travels
Coin Ribbon Necklace-live the life of your dreams

Best of Luck! xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Madam President

With Election time coming soon, I wanted to seek out some Presidential Inspiration. If there is ever a book where someone is pretending to be something then be sure it is upon on my shelf!

 I happen to love this book called Madam President by Lane Smith about a little girl who imagines what her day would be like if she were yes, you guess it, Madam President.

She envisions a day full of executive orders to give, babies to kiss, dog vs cat treaties to negotiate, dinners to VETO. She enjoys her power but sees being humble an attribute 
and even has a very good message about leading by example and have a clean room! Reading this book out loud would also inspire a royal dialogue with you child about what they would do as the President for a Day! Many creative ideas would truly transpire, I would imagine!

She has my Vote! Buy this book here.
XOXO Queen Laura

Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm A Believer!

If ever there were a holiday that has more magic, it would be St. Patrick's Day! My students will retell the antics of leprechauns from their house or school months after the initial excitement has faded. And still with the same enthusiasm and wonder as though it just occurred. And  don't you just love when a child spots a rainbow or feverishly hunts for a four-leaf clover? Make no mistake, Children BELIEVE! So give me an excuse to celebrate children using their imaginations and I am there! These imaginative play toys will give opportunities of make-believe far
 beyond this March 17th!

1.Wooden Toy Rainbow Stacker
2.Good Luck Garden in a Bag
3.Ancient Pirate Coins
4.Sarah's Silks Rainbow Streamer
5. Fairy Dust

Mostly this holiday is so fun for us as we can partake in the magic right along with them. Do you leave any clues that leprechauns having been playing mischief in your home?

xoxo Queen Laura
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Fairy Tale Garden

With Spring just around the corner, I dream of a beautiful garden. I also love the idea of bringing imaginative play outside whenever possible and what better way than with these Fairy-Tale Garden Kits from Potting Shed Creations.

Your little gardener can plant and pretend a pumpkin will turn into a glittering coach by just a wave of a wand with Cinderella's Magic Pumpkin Kit.
Or plant a Giant's Beanstalk and imagine it to grow all the way to the sky to reveal a magic land with Jack's Magic Beans.

Or plant a magic pea to test if they are a true princess, sensitive enough to have an uncomfortable sleep with The Princess' Pea.

To really bring the experience to life,read all three stories from this Fairy Tale Collection.

Find the Garden Kits here. And the Fairy-Tale Collection here.
And watch their imaginations GROW!

xoxox Queen Laura