Friday, September 28, 2012

May I Have S'More?

Cotton Candy S'Mores you say? Yes, Please. Or as the British call it, Fairy-Floss. (that's what I like to call it!) Either way, wouldn't this be just the cutest sweet treat for a
 Forest Fairy Party out by the camp fire (real or imagined) perhaps?
Give those fairies some wings and have them fly off a bit of the sugar high and then wave them a farewell to home is my mere suggestion!
Find the recipe on A Subtle Revelry
xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fairy Door

What would your daughter do if she went outside and discovered that Fairies had moved in over night? I was lucky enough to be a part of a very special birthday party recently where the very clever birthday mum surprised her birthday girl by welcoming fairies
 in their very own back yard.
The girls faces were just priceless when they discovered this magical new dwelling. I, of course had them check by frequently to see if the fairies were home and then later discovered some sweet lolli treats left behind by some very busy fairies. Lot's of surprises that day! I am not sure who had more fun, the girls or the mums. And isn't that what a birthday party should be? To share in your child's special day?
Find the Fairy Garden Mushrooms HERE. And the Fairy Door HERE.
xoxo Queen Laura

Friday, September 21, 2012


When I was little, my Grandmother sewed me a Reversible Dress. I thought it was the most magical creation I had ever seen. It was TWO dresses in one! I could wear it showing the flower side and at anytime by merely flipping it in side out and I would have a 
Whole New striped dress. Right Bank Babies does the cutest reversible dresses,skirts and rompers you have ever seen.

It's funny what stands out from your child hood. These little frocks certainly would.

The online sample sale website,
The Mini Social is part of the Children's Designer Clothing Sale and will be bringing
Right Bank Babies among other magical brands.
Hope to see you there! xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Girl and a Mouse

Sometimes my students arrive to class and declare...
 "This is my fairy dress!" It will not be a dress from a brand that dictates a Specific Princess or even a costume. It is nothing more than a regular dress that they imagine whatever they wish to be. The darling line Girl and a Mouse creates clothing like this. The dresses and skirts are almost ethereal-like and dreamy if you will.

The kind of clothes girls could get swept away and be the star of their own wonderful tales!
Girl and a Mouse will be part of the Children's Designer Clothing Sale below.
I do hope you can make it! xoxo Queen Laura 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Coat of Arms

My favorite all time heroine of story books has to Madeline. She is the quintessential
school girl but always seem to find herself in some wonderful adventure,
in Paris none the less!

She is always wearing her Signature Coat, sometimes yellow sometimes blue. A fabulous piece to have when you are jaunting around France!
Here are my Favorite Fall coats for your little ones to have adventures in!

Hope to see you all there! xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In Your Favor

Pink. Glitter. Candy. What more does one need for a darling party favor? I am just sweet on this DIY Glitter Monogram Favor Bag from One Charming Party! 
(Photography, design and styling by Sara Schmultz.)
Fill it with these Shimmer Bright Pink Gumballs.

You could do the birthday girls first intial or if you are feeling adventurous, do each guest's first initial. A Grand hit I am sure! Find the step by step tutorial for the favor bags here.
xoxo Queen Laura

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sly Little Ones

My favorite part of children's dress-up is that there needn't be an entire costume for a child to begin pretending. The smallest of pieces that elude to a certain clever animal, lets say, can be put on with just about anything and away they are in a make-believe land.
I just about swooned when I saw these Fox Masks by the Lucille Collection. They are everything I love about dress-up.  In the world of plastic and synthetic fabrics, you just don't see costumes made like this quite often- simply designed with whimsical fabric.
Lucille Fox Mask- White
Lucille Fox Mask- Black
Lucille Fox Mask- Flower No 2
Foxes are right up there wolves as being quite misunderstood in classic fairy-tales as far as I am concerned. Here is a cute collection of fox fables to get your
 little one's imagination started!
Find the masks in lots of styles at the darling site Minikin and the book here.
xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fancy Some Tea?

My favorite online and coming soon to print magazine for children,  Babiekins is out with 
Issue 10 and it is just full of the most delightful inspiration for children. When one of the features combines a simple DIY with Dress-up, I am all yours. This Paint Chip Feather Crown created by Merrilee from Mer Mag and styled
by Meta from One More Mushroom is just all kinds of cute!

I just love that the feather headband would inspire a tea party amongst friends. Are these girls just too adorable? Make a few headbands, put the kettle on, have a play date and you have yourself a perfect time for make-believe! Find the step by step tutorial HERE
xo Queen Laura

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Collar Me UP

It is no secret that I am an avid lover of anything with a Sparkle. But my favorite things that sparkle are ones that are reminiscent of child hoods past. I just adore these vintage-esque collars. They are very old-fashion school girl meets modern day glitter girl.
Sequins Collar
Marinette Collar

Jeweled Collar
 To quote my very special Grandmother, "All you would need with these are a plain black dress!" Or in the case of a little girl, a plain white t-shirt!
xoxo Queen Laura