Friday, April 27, 2012

Princess Week

Here it is Friday and I only just discovered it is National Princess Week!
Shameful of me!
So, in honor of such a monumental occasion, I put together some Dress Up items in the theme of a Enchanted Forest Princess. Julie Andrews, the lovely face behind the celebration says herself in an article for Modern Mom " I hope that young children who love to play princess can learn that it's not just about dressing up - it's about what's inside and what's in your heart." I couldn't have put it better myself.

1.  Riding Hood Cape
2.Organza Origami Crown Headband

3. Wooden Unicorn Figure
4. Ribbon Bottle Necklace
5. Crochet Tiara
6. Spring Jubilee Dress

Anything to encourage children to use their imaginations, I say let's plan for
the Second Annual, shall we?
 xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TuTu for You

There is a company that in my humble opinion does Fairy-Esque Dress-Up better than anyone out there and that is Tu-Tu Du Monde. Hand-made and hand-dyed- this is not your ordinary Tu-Tu. You want ruffles, tulle, sparkle, and ultra fanciness, this is the line for you. Or for your little fairy that is.

Scrumptious! Now, I will tell you these are pricey little numbers but figure your little girl probably isn't going to take it off anytime soon so just do the price -per -wearing type of math I like to do when there is luxury to justify. And then figure in the biggest smile on her face as she twirls and whirls through her day and that, me lady is priceless!

Find these costuems and many more here.
xoxo Queen Laura

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Showers

Adults are a bit funny when it rains. We get a rawther uptight,stressed and rain seems to make the whole day tricky. But children on the other hand, LOVE a rainy day. There is an expression on a child's face when they have gotten to...
a. jump in puddle
b. twirl around in raindrops
c. stomp in wet mud
that you will not see any other time and I shall name it pure bliss!
Here are some picks for these last days of April!

The Cutest Rainboots Ever!! Tricky to find in the US so I send you over to the UK!
Trumpette MaryJane Rain Boots

I love this umbrella tent that you can make your own imaginary world from underneath!
Totes Bubble Umbrella

A very sweet story in a clever rhyme about how a Rain Pixie teaches a little girl how a rainy day can be magical!

Priscilla and the Splish-Splash Surprise

I do try to remind myself of a child when I see those first rain clouds in the sky because I have learned if you can view the world like them, everything is a lot more fun!!!
xoxo Queen Laura

Friday, April 20, 2012


To celebrate Earth Day, a few of my favorite picks to inspire your little ones to protect our beautiful world!

What Planet -Book
Full of whimsy and wit this series of books by Lauren Child are quirky, clever and a marvelous collection.  Clarice Bean and her EcoWarrior brother help save a tree due to be cut down and in turn help save the World!

Wing Dress- Map
 Everyday is Earth Day in this darling Map Dress!

Inflatable Globe
Educational and grand fun as this Globe can be tossed to and fro!

Happy Earth Day! xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Charmed I'm Sure

Sometimes a child's imagination needs to be big and colorful and right out front for the world to see.That is why, I am crazy in love with LOVE MAE's Reusable Fabric Wall Decals for children. These decals can be designed on the wall any which way your little one desires, then taken down, scruched up, smoothed out and back up however they wish. Over and over again. My absolute favorites include...

Woodland Scene Retro

Pretty Horses

Faraway Circus
An imaginative activity and wall art awaits! Possibly more than one wall if you 
love them as much as I do!
Find the decals here.
xoxo Queen Laura

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mouse in the House

When I was little, my mum had a set small mice dolls with fancy clothes she saved for special play times. My imagination would take off as I pretended they were a real mice family, play for hours and then put them back in their basket for safe keeping. When I came across these delightful Match Box Mice by Mailig I knew they were something special. Little mice dolls with the most darling retro outfits come with a little sleeping bag and tucked into a matchbox for safe keeping.
Little Sister Mouse
Little Brother Mouse

As I always love tying stories into imaginative play, one of my favorite mouse books is the 
Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse by Beatrix Potter.  It is about a very tidy mouse who realizes that friends are more important than messes!

 The Matchbox Mice are designated as Little Sister and Little Brother which I think would be perfect if your child awaits a new sibling to the home. Sweet right?
xoxo Queen Laura

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Very Fairy

I think this would be the sweetest headpiece for a Fairy Party. The birthday girl would certainly feel special wearing one but wouldn't it be so darling to have all the little fairies donning 
fresh flowers on their heads?

 They would be best made ahead of time as they would seem to be too tricky for a party craft. Sprinkle a little pixi dust and dub each guest a true fairy!
Find the tutorial here.
xoxo Queen Laura

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Castle of Their Own

 At the end of spring break and your child calls out that all familiar "I am bored!",you may need a creative art project that will entertain and inspire. For this I present to you... Calafant Cardboard Castles! Made from recycled cardboard and come with markers, this is a perfect activity to have on hand for those moments when you need it most.
Rose Garden


Once built, it truly could be an independent project as it just needs coloring in and perhaps a creative flair for decorating. Projects that don't need much assistance can inspire real imaginative play. They have a Dragonrock Castle and a Mermaid Cove as well. Perhaps they gather up some small figurines, dolls or stuffed animals to take over the royal dwelling and see what kind of 
stories they can make up on their own!
Find the Calafant Castles HERE.

xoxo Queen Laura

Friday, April 6, 2012

Take Me to London Town

This time of year always has me dreaming of travel. London is by far my favorite city. My last visit there was in the winter during the holidays which was lovely but I would imagine that Spring in England would be BRILLIANT.  Here are some creative UK finds I think are just SMASHING!

1.This Is London Book
 2.Long Live the Queen Tee from PEEK
3.London Cityscape Wooden Block Set
  4.London Car Set
  5.London Rubber Stamp Kit
6.London Map

Fun, creative and BRITISH! What more could you want? Well, done mate!
xoxo Queen Laura

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wish You Were Here!

I think teaching children correspondence the old fashion way - pencil to paper is oh so important! Whether it is a thank you note or a birthday card, sending a personal message makes anyone's day! For traveling, perhaps on Spring Break, I love these
 postcards from Rosie Flo's!
Rosie Flo's Coloring Postcards

Rosie Flo's Coloring Postcards
Your little traveler can just add all the color and artistic detail they wish and pop it in the post from wherever you may be!

I love these scented pencils by Smencils in the zipper pouch- perfect for on the go creations!
Hope to hear from you soon! XOXO Queen Laura

Monday, April 2, 2012

Free Printables, You Say?

I love utilizing the fun and generous Free Printables that are often posted on my favorite party sites like Hostess with the Mostess so I decided I wanted to return the favor and offer my very own. The lovely Laura from Buttons Make Me Sparkle created these Glitter Bunny Tags 
for me for Easter treats!
Gold Glitter Bunny - Happy Easter

Silver Glitter Bunny- Bunny Love

Print them on card stock and tie with pretty ribbon to a bag of your favorite Easter Candy. Click the downloads and print as many as you wish and please pass them on!

Also be sure to check out Buttons Make Me Sparkle Blog for the most whimsical and clever crafts!
XOXO Queen Laura