Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sly Little Ones

My favorite part of children's dress-up is that there needn't be an entire costume for a child to begin pretending. The smallest of pieces that elude to a certain clever animal, lets say, can be put on with just about anything and away they are in a make-believe land.
I just about swooned when I saw these Fox Masks by the Lucille Collection. They are everything I love about dress-up.  In the world of plastic and synthetic fabrics, you just don't see costumes made like this quite often- simply designed with whimsical fabric.
Lucille Fox Mask- White
Lucille Fox Mask- Black
Lucille Fox Mask- Flower No 2
Foxes are right up there wolves as being quite misunderstood in classic fairy-tales as far as I am concerned. Here is a cute collection of fox fables to get your
 little one's imagination started!
Find the masks in lots of styles at the darling site Minikin and the book here.
xoxo Queen Laura

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