Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Glittery World- a Royal Welcome!

Good Day and Welcome to A Glittery World. I am Laura and I will be  posting about all things magical, imaginative and creative for children. Through my fairy-tale dress-up company, Dramagination, I am always on a Royal Quest for the most exceptional dress-up, toys, books, parties and anything with whimsy and sparkle for young boys and girls! I want to share with you what inspires me to encourage children to have many delightful experiences though out their child hood. 
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Here is my very first posting!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I wanted to find some children's books on LOVE that have a notsodesperateforprincecharming feel. They are out there, I just had to look.

These 3 books show  happily- ever -after in a more fun, less pressure, and an emphasis on happiness sort of way.

First Selection: The Love-Me Bird by Joyce Dunbar
This is a story about finding love,but it is done in a very sweet and simple way.
It is about a bird who seeks love and begins by singing her little birdie heart out- Love Me! Love Me! all through the forest. She is convinced this is the best plan but when she does not have a single suitor she is bestowed quite a lot of advice. When nothing works she learns to "sing a different tune".

 I have had this book in my own collection for years. I loan it out to all my mum friends with daughters because the message is that good!

The Second Selection: Claire and the Unicorn-happy ever after.
 Now, let me just begin with the fact that I am just a sucker for daddy/little girl books and this one is no exception. This story is about a little girl who asks the BIG question to her father (and one that I have asked myself many times before) ... "What makes a person happy forever?"

I know BIG right? But not when you have a magic unicorn to help you! Off they go to the enchanted forest to inquire with those who would know best about happily ever after...PRINCESSES of course and all the royal subjects. It tells the message that different things make different people happy at all different times. And if that isn't the truth I don't know what is.

The Third Selection: Princess Hyacinth by Florence Parry Heide

This is a story of a girl who may have not been looking for love but for adventure! Now, I will tell you she does get "rescued" at the end which is a bit disappointing at first. But, the refreshing change is that unlike most story endings where she would be forced to marry  (honestly aren't all of these girls too young?) she now has a FRIEND to have fun with... "to invite to the palace for tea and popcorn" and that sort of thing. Friendship- the New Happily Ever After!

I linked these books to Barnes and Noble but I encourage you to go to your local bookstore and request them there.  I love Books and Cookies in Santa Monica and the Dinosaur Farm in So Pasadena.

Have a LOVE-ly time reading with your loved ones!
xo Laura

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