Friday, January 27, 2012

Super Bowl Party Games for Children

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 Super Bowl Party Games for Children

A dear friend of mine recently asked me to help her come up with ideas on how to entertain children at a Super Bowl Party. It is always a great idea to have something fun for the younger set to do, especially if there are guests that actually want to watch the game. Here are some Outdoor Super Bowl Relays that are easy, spirited and will keep the little ones happy at least through the half-time show.

Most of the props used in the games can be found at home but for extra fun I have included the links at the end for some themed ideas.
 To Prepare:
  1. Enlist an older sibling, hire an energetic babysitter or ask someone that owes you a favor that is not into the game to conduct the festivities.
  2.  Relays work best in an outdoor location with open space.
  3. Split the children into two even teams. If you have an uneven number, someone from the smaller team should go twice.
  4. Have the sport props that are needed for each game ready. 
  5. For all of the relays you need one marker for each team as a starting point and one marker for each team for the turn around point.
  6. A Ref blows a whistle to begin.
Relay  1.
Water Play Relay
 To play, you need one small water bottle, unopened for each team member.

Each player has to race to the turning point and back with a water bottle on their back without letting the bottle fall then tag the next player. If the bottle does falls off, that player has to stop where he is and put it back on or someone from his team can help. Once the bottle is back in place, he keeps going from where it fell off. The first team to finish wins.

Relay 2.
Running Back Relay
To play, you need one football for each team.

Each player puts a football between his knees and races to the turn around point and back, without letting the ball fall and then gives the ball to the next player.  If the ball does falls off, that player has to stop where he is and put it back in place. Once the ball is back in place, he keeps going from where it fell off. First team to finish wins.

Relay 3.
Tailback Relay
To play,place 3 cones a small distance away from each other along each course. At the turn around points place a bucket. Each player gets a small football.

Each player would zig zag through the cones, drop the ball in the bucket and run back tagging the next team mate. The team that runs out of balls first,wins.

Relay 4.
Big Fan Relay
To play,place three small flags on the ground equal distance apart straight along each course. Place a set of pom poms at both of the turn around points.

Each team member has jump over each flag and do a cheer with pom poms and run back to tag the next player.First team to finish,wins.

Have a small prize for each player at the end.
It should tire them all out long enough to watch the end of the game in peace. Well, maybe!

Prop ideas from Oriental Trading Company
Football lollipop or Fun bands for prizes
Small Footballs
Pom Poms
Starter and turn around markers

I hope everyone has a (foot)BALL!
xo Laura

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