Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Perfect Gift

 Have you ever found the most PERFECT birthday gift for someone and when they LOVE it as much as you LOVE it well your whole day is made? Well, apparently my gift to my sweet friend's daughter was the Royal Smash of her First birthday. I always try to find a gift that I think will pique the child's imagination  (really, this is of no surprise I am sure). This time I chose Baby Bloch Ballet Slippers.

My friend told me that the second these little magic slippers were on her little girl's feet she began prancing! PRANCING!! She is only 1 year old. A Baby Ballerina! And you know what that means... Soon she will be leaping and then pirouetting and grand jete-ing and then the American Ballet will be ringing and then...OK, so now it is MY imagination has been piqued!
You can buy the darling little slippers here.

What is your favorite thing to buy a child for a birthday?

xo Queen Laura

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