Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TuTu for You

There is a company that in my humble opinion does Fairy-Esque Dress-Up better than anyone out there and that is Tu-Tu Du Monde. Hand-made and hand-dyed- this is not your ordinary Tu-Tu. You want ruffles, tulle, sparkle, and ultra fanciness, this is the line for you. Or for your little fairy that is.

Scrumptious! Now, I will tell you these are pricey little numbers but figure your little girl probably isn't going to take it off anytime soon so just do the price -per -wearing type of math I like to do when there is luxury to justify. And then figure in the biggest smile on her face as she twirls and whirls through her day and that, me lady is priceless!

Find these costuems and many more here.
xoxo Queen Laura

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