Tuesday, May 22, 2012


There is rarely a time that I go to the market and there is not a child dressed-up in a princes gown or at least a cape and crown. Hooray to you mum who says" YES, let's go!" to this ensemble out the door. Dress-up shouldn't only be for inside play, I say! Think of how their imaginations will grow once they get to leave the confines of just 4 walls dressed in royal attire. One of my all time favorite brands who makes the most perfect costumes/play-wear is Wovenplay

Their creations are begging to be worn out and about- to be seen.Wovenplay is a company that I wait with baited breathe for their next creation. One of my students flew in with one of their butterfly suits to a party I was doing and I recognized it immediately. Their dress-up is special! She said her Auntie gave it to her and this is definitely an auntie or grandma-ma type gift.
Make sure to say hello to your Queen the next time you see me out! xoxo Queen Laura
Find these pieces here.

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