Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Like Daughter, Like Mother

I am quite envious of how children just add Glitter, Sequins and Gold to any outfit with reckless abandon and it looks so cute! Now, I do believe we can use our little ones as Muses, if you will and add a bit of Sparkle to our own wardrobes as well. Here are some ideas of how to do so without necessary looking like we are going to a BALL ourselves.

Jumbo Sequin Bobbi and Sequin Ball Pin

  Nella Ballet Flat    and  Whirl Flats                               
                                        Glittered Minaudiere  and  Sparkle Stripe Day Purse                            

 And if you don't want to go out a buy something for yourself, I am sure she wouldn't mind sharing!
xoxo Queen Laura

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