Friday, May 11, 2012

Open House for Butterflies

When I heard author Maurice Sendak had passed away, I flew to my bookshelf to retrieve some of my favorite works of his. Now, everyone knows his book "Where the Wild Things Are"  but what I LOVE the most by him, are not the books he wrote but the ones he drew the pictures for. 
 Open House for Butterflies  by Ruth Krauss is just about the sweetest book ever written with all sorts of "good things to know" but the drawings are what makes it an experience to read. The little children are drawn as clever,cheeky little imps and it would just be impossible to turn each page and not smile. 

I'll Be You and You Be Me by Ruth Krauss is as equally as quaint and has petite stories of love, friendship and the joys of the imagination. These books are nostalgic and are the epitome of 
a sweet childhood. 
Both of these books are both are permanent display in my baby's room and I often take them down just to be inspired. You will love them, your children will love them, I can promise you that!
xoxo Queen Laura

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