Wednesday, February 8, 2012

For The LOVE of the Game

Valentine's Day Parties for children are so much fun. But after the delivering of the cards and eating perhaps a few dozen conversation hearts what is there to do then? Whether you are having guests for a gathering at home or you are in charge of the fun for a classroom party, here are some specially designed games to play for HEART DAY that everyone will certainly LOVE.

My Heart Belongs to You
You will need- A Medium size cardboard heart with a very long ribbon attached
How To Play: Two players pair up while everyone else watches. Everyone closes their eyes and has their backs turned while one player hides the heart where it can't been seen and leaves the ribbon out to show. The ribbon can go over furniture or desks, under books, around chairs, etc.and the heart should be hidden. The second player opens their eyes and takes the end of the ribbon and follows it to find the heart.  Then the next pair can play.

 Find Your Heart-Mate
You will need-Large construction paper hearts and scissors
How To Play: Cut hearts in two pieces in different angles with pinking shears or decorative scissors. Mix up the pieces and hand one piece out to all of the players. The players go around to find the piece of heart that matches their own to find their heart-mate.

Heart Hunt
You will need- 50-100 small construction paper hearts 
How To Play: Hide the hearts while the children are out of the room. Each player hunts for as many hearts as they can find in a certain amount of time. Each player counts how many hearts they have found.  The player with the highest number of hearts collected gets to have a treat first and pass out the rest to the group.

Here are some Love-ly suggestions for the supplies:

Hearts for the Heart Hunt
Cut Out Hearts for the Heart-Mate Game
Sweet Treats at the end of the games
 And/Or stickers

Bags for the treats

Do get back to me and share some LOVE, won't you, please?
oxo Queen Laura

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