Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hooked on Classics!

I thought I came up with a BRILLIANT idea (if I don't say so myself) last holiday season for gift giving.  I wanted to give the children in my family and my best mate's little ones something of a keepsake that they would treasure for a very long time. Enter Puffin Classics Cloth Bound Books!

These three titles available at Chasing Firefies

I have always thought reading to children out loud from a classic that was not in picture book form is one of the best ways to develop their imaginations. Without the pictures they can just listen and are then free to create the scenery, people, experiences themselves.The books are not only beautiful and would look lovely grouped together on a bookshelf but open up the magic door to wonderful stories we had when we were children.

Perhaps a chapter or two a night until the story unfolds to the end? Then on to the next enchanting tale! My idea was for each birthday to give them a new book and just keep track of who has what as their collection grows.  I like that there are many choices for boys or girls such as Black Beauty, Call of the Wild, and many more.

There are two more brand new titles due out this May 2012. Build your collection here.

So get tucked in and may the magic adventures begin!
xoxo Queen Laura


  1. I love these cloth bound books! I have a few of the adult ones (Jane Austen) of course. Now I must start a children's literature collection.

  2. These are wonderful. Love the covers, and agreed Queen Laura that classics are the best to read to our childrne where they can use their imagination