Friday, February 17, 2012

A SHOE-in!

Dress-up shoes can be one of the first introductions to dress up for a girl and a favorite subject of early play in general. But once your little shoe- girl wants to take that play outside, you can't very well have her teeter in your heels now can you? And those plastic ones made by a certain huge company I shall not mention...well, when my students come to class donning those I am afraid they are going to break an ankle!! There is lots of time to practice in heels so in the mean time I am over the moon for the most darling shoes from Joy Folie.


Can you imagine your little girl pretending in her Royal Rose Garden in these?
Genevieve Glitter T -Straps

Or ruling her Queendom in these?
Kat Shoe- Shakespeare Mary Janes
Or dancing at the Ball in these?
Luna- Silver T-Straps
 Or flying like a fairy in these?

Harlow- Ruffle Bow Shoe
They go up to size youth 1.Too bad she won't let you try them on!

See more of these exquisite creations here.

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