Sunday, February 12, 2012

Playing House

 Come on in!

Do you ever come across something and think" Oh I would have just LOVED that as a child!" I have that very moment EVERY time I see this Table Cloth Play House.
I truly think it is one of the most clever ideas for make-believe that I have ever seen and believe me I see a LOT! My younger sister and I were always making forts and playhouses out of blankets and sheets when we were little and I am fairly certain had we had this MAGIC cloth we may have never come out from under the dining room table!

 How perfect would this be to bring out on a play date for some imaginary fun or on a rainy day when you need something extra special for siblings stuck in the house? It makes me want to be a little girl all over again. Honestly, I would have a ball playing with it even now!

What things do you wish you had when you were little?

(Find the Table Cloth Play House here.)

xoxo Queen Laura

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