Friday, February 24, 2012

Party All the Time, Party All the Time!

It is my heartfelt belief that there are not too many things in the world more wonderful than glitter unless of course its Edible Glitter! Seriously, isn't that all children want to do with glitter anyway but EAT it??? I would like to give the creator of edible glitter a big fat kiss on the cheek and say BRAVO! You did good! You have made me very happy!

With the Oscars this Sunday I wanted to create a Party Popcorn that would please the young viewers.
Shimmering Stars by Wilton is Edible Glitter that I picked up at Michaels Crafts (JoAnn Fabric carries it too )and some popcorn was just the thing.

 I made the popcorn and then buttered it before sprinkling the glitter on so it would stick. I chose gold stars but it comes in silver too. Then Voila! The fanciest snack around that will sure to be a Winner no matter what happens with the show!

Find the glitter here.

Happy snacking and viewing! XOXOX Queen Laura

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