Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I have a favorite dress

I think we all had a favorite dress from our childhood. Mine had gold buttons that I imagined were sewn in by fairies. I wish I still had that dress- I believed it was magic! In the book
 "I Had a Favorite Dress" by Boni Ashburn, a clever and industrious mum solves the royal problem of what do do when your child's favorite dress gets too small.

It is a sweet story and has a very GREEN message actually. I also like at the end the girl uses her own creativity and has something to keep for posterity! The author also wrote one of my favorite books I do a lot at Royal Readings called "Hush Little Dragon".

This is My favorite dress out there for spring right now.
Ava Dress
Or is it this one?
Endek Ikat Flutter Dress
No, definitely this one!
Soft Gallery Summer Dress

So hard to choose! What is your child's favorite dress?
Find the Book " I Had A Favorite Dress" here.
xoxo Queen Laura

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