Friday, March 23, 2012

(class) room with a view

Easter is certainly right up there with Halloween with the amount of candy a holiday can generate. Now, I will tell you, I wait all year for bunny corn ( so much better than candy corn really) and I have been known to devour a chocolate bunny or two. But if you need a favor for a school party, here are some ideas that are sweet but without the sugar!

Bunny Book Plates

Chocolate Bunny Erasers

Vintage Rabbit Pin Backs
Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Stickers

Crayon Rocks 
(don't they look like Jelly Beans?)
Now, you could tuck the favors in here.

Teeny Tiny Chevron Bags
( I like the yellow for spring )
Or hide them in here.

Golden Eggs
(from a Golden Goose perhaps?)
I think any of these would be a royal hit with the teachers and students alike, don't you?
 Happy Easter! xoxo Queen Laura

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