Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Luck!

I am a believer that jewelry should mean something to the person wearing it. Whether its because it reminds them of the someone who gave it, maybe it makes them happy or perhaps it has a special meaning behind the piece. Everyone knows that clovers are good luck but there are many other symbols that have some important meaning as well.

 All of these sweet pieces are from atsuyo et akiko

Clover Lucky Charm-  good luck where ever you go and if you dream of one you
 will live happily for the rest of your days.
Key Fur Necklace-symbol for knowledge and life
Silver star necklace -good fortune
Green Flu String Feather Necklace- safe travels
Coin Ribbon Necklace-live the life of your dreams

Best of Luck! xoxo Queen Laura

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