Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All that Glitters

When it comes to giving presents, I myself am more of a gift bag type of girl but when I saw this idea on Besotted I was changed forever.

Glitter Ribbon just MAKES a package, wouldn't you say? And what little girl wouldn't love getting or giving a present like this? To me it screams "there is something magical in here!"

Every present I now wrap is a glittery masterpiece! I bought Red,Silver and Gold Super Glitter Ribbon and have already run through it so next I would like to try the Fushia and the beautiful Sapphire Blue.   Your child may like to further decorate the perfectly plain paper with a personalized message to the birthday child. Maybe even in GLITTER!
(I know, once I get started its hard to stop!)
Find the paper here and the ribbon here.

XOXO Queen Laura

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