Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm A Believer!

If ever there were a holiday that has more magic, it would be St. Patrick's Day! My students will retell the antics of leprechauns from their house or school months after the initial excitement has faded. And still with the same enthusiasm and wonder as though it just occurred. And  don't you just love when a child spots a rainbow or feverishly hunts for a four-leaf clover? Make no mistake, Children BELIEVE! So give me an excuse to celebrate children using their imaginations and I am there! These imaginative play toys will give opportunities of make-believe far
 beyond this March 17th!

1.Wooden Toy Rainbow Stacker
2.Good Luck Garden in a Bag
3.Ancient Pirate Coins
4.Sarah's Silks Rainbow Streamer
5. Fairy Dust

Mostly this holiday is so fun for us as we can partake in the magic right along with them. Do you leave any clues that leprechauns having been playing mischief in your home?

xoxo Queen Laura
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  1. Oh how I love those sneaky little leperchauns! I would also love that cute rainbow puzzle stacker! Keep the great idea's coming our way!

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