Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Fever!

I simply can not wipe the SMILE off my face when I see these Sun Suits by Dagmar Daley! OK, I will try... nope still smiling! I can not help it! They are just impossibly cute, are they not?  They remind me of an old-fashion child hood, reminiscent of times past. Can't you just imagine your little girl splashing through sprinklers on an impossibly sunshiny day, licking a melting Popsicle and or skipping through clover patch all while wearing any one of these? OVER and OVER again?

Liberty Sun-suit and Pink Sun Jar

Dotted Sun-Suit and Jacks

 I paired them with some toys that I loved as a child and POOF! 
You now you have a magical spring!

xoxo Queen Laura

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